Real-life asteroid named after ambient music pioneer Brian Eno

For his astronomical contribution to music and production, science and the arts, Brian Eno has now been given the honour of an asteroid in his name.

The ambient music pioneer was presented with the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication at the Starmus V Science Festival earlier this week, alongside the offical naming of his own asteroid.

Eno Asteroid

Ambient sound pioneer Brian Eno now has an asteroid named after him, honouring his astronomical contribution to music, science and art.

This space rock was discovered by Southwest Research Institute astronomer Marc Buie and in association with the International Astronomical Union and the Minor Planet Centre, he decided to name it after the musical mastermind.

Originally titled ‘81948 (2000 OM69)’, it’s now been dubbed Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno,  or ‘Eno’ for short.

Alongside Brian Eno, Elon Musk and Todd Douglas Miller also received recognition at the festival for their new documentary film, Apollo 11, celebrating popular science on an international level.

The cosmic timing of the newly discovered Eno asteroid aligns with the release of new work from Brain Eno. Marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Eno is reissuing his seminal Apollo: Atmostpheres & Soundtracks, an expanded set that will also include an accompanying release of 11 instrumental compositions by Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno and Brian Eno.

The vinyl disc, CD and digital audio will released the 19th July through UMC.

For All Mankind track list

‘The End Of A Thin Cord’ (4:08) – Brian Eno
‘Capsule’ (3:13) – Daniel Lanois
‘At The Foot Of A Ladder’ (3:35) – Brian Eno
‘Waking Up’ (2:29) – Roger Eno
‘Clear Desert Night’ (3:11) – Brian Eno
‘Over The Canaries’ (4:41) – Brian Eno
‘Last Step From The Surface’ (3:58) – Daniel Lanois
‘Fine-grained’ (3:34) – Daniel Lanois
‘Under The Moon’ (3:10) – Roger Eno
‘Strange Quiet’ (4:09) – Roger Eno
‘Like I Was A Spectator’ (4:23) – Brian Eno