PREMIERE: Vanilla Moon take us on a journey through space and time with their new EP

Southwest Sydney outfit Vanilla Moon take us on a journey through space and time with their new EP People Don’t Dance Anymore; an inter-galactic fusion and celebration of blues, funk and jazz.

Vanilla Moon have spent the past couple of years making a name for themselves, playing extravagant house shows and supporting a variety of other up-and-coming bands around the Inner West. But it’s time for these boys to showcase their unique sound to a far wider audience.

The EP title People Don’t Dance Anymore was inspired by the lack of movement from a crowd at a Gus Dapperton performance. And as band member Michael explains, infectious music deserves movement.

That’s exactly what this new EP does. One song in and your swaying to its infectious rhythm, thrown by the unique versatility of each song’s beat.

There seems to be a lack of grooviness as of late with crowds at concerts and festivals and we wanted to explore that within our music. Yes, people jump around and think they ‘dance’ but they don’t downright boogie anymore and we want it back!

Vanilla Moon flaunt a beachy, coastal eighties sound, with spacey vibes and vocals. Inspired by the likes of Parcels, Cosmos Pyke and Mac DeMarco the group is a unique hybrid not quite like anything else we’ve seen come out of Sydney. Standout track Retro Spaceships explores vintage, disco-inspired sounds, but the band stretch this further with lyrics that navigate the boundaries of space and time.

Peach Iced Tea is such a fun tune, paired perfectly with a summer’s night under the stars. Blissful and sublime, you’ll be physically unable to sit still as it takes you on its funky journey.

Vanilla Moon have presented us with an EP of solid gold. One listen and you’ll be roped in and ready to take it for another spin.