Recently debuting his live chops, Third Floor is about to explode into the electro circuit. But who is this masked producer?

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Third Floor, Sydney’ brightest new electronic music producer, gets deep and meaningful in the funkiest way with his new single and video titled Can’t Do This Alone. After releasing his knockout visual EP Dream State earlier this year, Third Floor has debuted his live show, starred in a mini doco and turned heads everywhere.

third floor

Third Floor will tug on your heartstrings again with Can’t Do This Alone, using syncopated, infectious beats and a stunning music video to explore the intricacies of a crumbling relationship.

The fluidity of the incredibly talented Dennis Dowlut on vocals tied with the upbeat rhythm makes the track a perfect house party tune to kick back to this summer. With the electric music scene growing at a rapid pace, Third Floor sets himself apart by uniting sound layering with poignant visuals.

“I wanted to create a story, which had the potential to translate both sonically and visually. The concept behind Dream State is a dark, ambient story of love, with all four songs reflecting different stages of a relationship and all four film clips written to intertwine to tell this story.”

To add the the mystery of this pioneering producer, we never see his face on stage.

“I wanted to create something fresh, unique and stand alone. By creating anonymity and this new identity, the mask allows me to express different parts of my personality that I usually wouldn’t show.”

Third Floor was also recently the subject of a mini documentary with UNDR ctrl and yeahsure.

“This [the documentary] was a great platform to introduce the entire Third Floor concept” he says. “The more I am putting myself out there, the more interactions I have with brands, other artists and content makers. It’s like a snowball effect really!”

Third Floor is originally from Britain, but has found himself in the middle of the “Australian music renaissance” as he puts it, claiming us Aussies are killin’ it on the electronic scene with flavours from Flume and Rüfüs.

His motherland provided musical influences like Massive Attack and Portishead as a soundtrack to his twenties, however now he is progressing into new creative territory as an emerging electronic music producer in Sydney.

Having performed his first live show at Oxford Arts Factory in July, the next step for Third Floor is to perform more live gigs, collaborate with other artists and continue creating those feel good tunes.