Refinders’ new album ‘Day#1’ brings stadium ambition to dance music

Imagine a full orchestra decided to add a rock band into the mix. Then, that group made a hard left turn and decided to make electronic bangers. That only gets you a little closer to understanding the full scope of Refinders.

The three-piece have put together a record called Day#1 that harkens back to classic Depeche Mode stadium electronica while pulling club-ready music into a new era.

Incorporating a plethora of sounds and moods, Refinders have managed to create an album that works for both nightclubs and stadiums.

Ukrainian born band leader Vlad Veleyev began DJing before pulling together a full band — consisting of keyboard, guitar, and drums — in order to complete his vision.

Songs like Power over Me and Hope utilise massive string and horn sections to punctuate the beats with orchestral flair. Your Secrets is a personal highlight, moving between plucked guitars and near-rapped vocals and Presets-level pummelling during the chorus. The forward momentum of the album is insane. Every song pushes you through every corner of music, and then when you reach the end, you want to start the whole journey all over again.

After teaming up with producer Anton Karskiy, the band solidified their sound, leaning towards the pop inclinations while retaining a heavy dance momentum. Frontman Veleyev explained, “We were able to achieve a more confident, up-to-date sound and, at the same time, preserve the emotional component of Refinders.”

Do yourself a favour and listen to the full album above.