Regular Bassis prove they’re Australia’s answer to Brockhampton on ’40 Hours’

Regular Bassis are what Australia needs right now: they’re a straight-up group of artists who are producing seriously soulful music.

With their perfect mix of soulful production, hip-hop beats, and slow jam grooves, Regular Bassis’ new track 40 Hours well-and-truly hits the mark.

Delving deep into the issues that come with the minimum expectations of a 40 hour work week, Regular Bassis look for solace in their passions.

The new track folds in elements of Brockhampton-style grooves and eclecticism in order to inject that perfect dose of pure good vibes. The track’s lyrics tackle an issue many people face with the expectation that everyone should work a minimum 40-hour week. It also confronts the way in which everyone is brought up to be the ‘perfect child’. Regular Bassis look to dodge these pitfalls by removing those disempowering beliefs within oneself. 

The group also has an upcoming single titled Be Free, which looks to the difficulties these artists face in order to balance the intense work week with their passion for making music. The group is made up of three artists who all bring their own style and eclectic abilities to the table. Sheph.ART is the producer and mixing and mastering engineer, while also being able to rap, sing, and play multiple instruments such as the saxophone, piano, and guitar. Timmy is a rapper and singer and Barry produces beats, while also being a guitar player as well as a rapper and singer.

These multi-talented guys seem to be building a platform from which they will launch what looks to be an incredibly fruitful career.

These still may be early days for Regular Bassis, but judging by the quality of we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes. In the meantime, listen to 40 Hours below: