Retro synth ads that border on the ridiculous and the sublime

Here are some retro synth ads from the 80s that border on the ridiculous and the sublime… mostly the ridiculous.

We’ve already covered some awesome vintage instrument ads from the 60s. Now it’s time to fast-forward a few decades to a time that the fine line between ridiculous and ingenious were constantly being blurred, especially with these retro synth ads.

The 80s saw some gigantic technological steps when it came to music. In particular, the synthesizer metamorphosised from a lumbering beast into a monolith that would define the era. However, no amount of technological innovation could overshadow the 80s aesthetic – especially in retrospect – it was simply too in your face to ignore. So, here’s a little tribute to the poor synth and its awkward 80s adolescence.Casio synth ad

Casio Keyboard CZ-101 (1986)

Casio MT-520 (1987)

Roland Product Line

vintage synth ads

Korg Poly-800 (1983)

Casio MT-520 (1987)

Casio CZ -230s

retro synth ads

Yamaha DX-100 (1985)

Casio Casiotone 701 (1982)

Roland SH-101 (1982)

korg ad

Or if you’re into horses

retro synth ads

Glorious stuff.