The soul of a storyteller: Reuben Koops runs us through his new EP

The soul of a storyteller: Reuben Koops runs us through his sunny new EP Higher Ground

The passionate, positive and ever-poignant Reuben Koops released his charming new EP Higher Ground just last week. A pristine collection of guitar-driven, precision engineered indie pop, we were straight-up pleased to call it one of 2017’s happiest sounding releases.

Eager as pie to learn a little more about Reuben’s songwriting process and where this delicious EP came from, we reached out to the artist for a track-by-track rundown of Higher Ground.

reuben koops

Ruminating on love and limitless personality, Reuben Koops shines with the soul of a storyteller in his EP Higher Ground.

Higher Ground

The title track is about hoping for something better. I wrote this one in a time when I felt like I was treading water a bit, and this song was aimed at capturing that feeling of holding out for a break, that next pick me up or that higher ground.

Something to Believe In

This one is probably along a similar line of thought to Higher Ground but a bit more specific. I was working a retail job at the time, which would get me through the week so I could go out and play gigs on weekends for little money.

It’s about wanting something to hang your hat on and believe in. Maybe even about believing in myself, who knows…

Lady on a Train

This was a fun song to write. Essentially it’s about those brief moments, on a train or on the street, where you cross paths with someone who just captures your attention and you feel that feeling in your gut; all for it to be gone seconds later as you go your separate ways.

You and I

It’s a real storytelling song. It’s the most personal track on the EP and pretty much speaks for itself as your quintessential love song. David Ryan Harris added some cool production on this one and it came out sounding a lot different to when we first sat down with it!

Labour of Love

This song is about the work it takes at times to maintain a love. ‘It was never meant to be easy’ is a line in the song which sums it up pretty well I think. It can be hard work but it can be worth it.


Higher Ground is out now.