Reuben Stone kicks off a new era of live music at Henrys Rooftop

Last week Henrys Rooftop, the newly revamped gig room at Manly’s Hotel Steyne, opened its doors to Christchurch sensation Reuben Stone.

A live looping wizard whose stage show has taken him to Burning Man, Rainbow Serpent, and a touring leg with Tash Sultana, Stone is apt to sell out venues much larger than the Steyne back home. Seeing him amongst the Sydney locale was truly a treat.

reuben stone hotel steyne henrys rooftop
Photos: Dani Hansen

A one-man show with talent seeping out of every pore, Reuben Stone unleashed his arsenal upon Henrys Rooftop to a stirred Manly crowd.

On the night Stone was joined by local blues shredder Jesse Redwing, who treated the audience to a selection of no-good jams that held the guitar, as usual, well in front.

Before Stone was ready to take the stage, you’d be apt to wonder what exact kind of performance it was to be. A trumpet, guitar, synth, mics and more decorated the space, arranged in a semi-circle around where, evidently, one man was about to do a whole lot of shit.

reuben stone hotel steyne henrys rooftop

And Stone’s show did not disappoint. The set twisted and turned as the artist played, sung, and looped his way into a self-induced trance from which he eventually woke – to the dismay of us all.

As one of the first shows to go down at Hotel Steyne’s new space, we’re excited for the places this room will take us in future.

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