The Queensland Government spent $27,000 sending two tourism execs to Burning Man

Two Australian tourism executives recently spent over $27,000 to fund a trip to Burning Man Festival in the States.

Senior tourism staff, John Drummond Montgomery and Rebecca Mantle said they went to the Nevada event to “to gain insights into current trends, ideas, themes and logistics of a large-scale festival.”

Photo: Review Journal

Does the QLD government wants to put on an Aussie version of Burning Man? Two tourism executives went to the Nevada festival and burned through more than AU$27,000 for “research” purposes.

Apparently, the QLD government is interested in putting on a similar event in rural QLD.

“Two representatives went to examine aspects of the event delivery to inform an Outback event concept we are currently developing,” commented one Tourism and Events QLD spokeswoman.

She also said that the executives met with stakeholders in Nashville, as well as World Surfing League organisers.

The festival is held over nine days in the Black Rock Desert and attracts more than 70,000 people each year. It’s a festival that allows you to come up with a completely new identity and forget those things that normally constrain you.

Politicians and civilians alike are angered, with Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Mander exclaiming, “I don’t know about Burning Man, but it’s definitely burning through taxpayers’ money.”

We just hope that John and Bec fully immersed themselves in the experience.


Via Resident Advisor.