Check out all the suss shit people were scouring Pornhub for during Burning Man

We all know Burning Man is a gargantuan den for exhibitionism, sexual freedom and the world’s most prolific hedonists, but it’s got nothing on Pornhub. Who would have thought they’d have such a beautiful relationship together?

The adult tube site we all know and love has revealed exactly what went down during this year’s Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, by way of datamining their vast traffic. As always, the results are nothing short of fucking fantastic.

burning man pornhub insights
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While Burning Man was burning along this year, the many users of Pornhub evidently wanted in on just a little bit of the action.

The juiciest part of these insights is always, beyond all doubt, which search terms flourished during the event. For the Pornhub browsers living around Black Rock City, terms like ‘festival public sex’‘burning man orgy’, ‘burning man girls’ and ‘sex in tent’ absolutely skyrocketed.

Personally I’m disappointed by the lack of a ‘burning man hunk’ search increase. The dudes get their kit out just as much as the ladies do at the festival… they want to be seen too!

Suss out the search data below:

pornhub insights burning man

Were you one of the naughty browsers? We’re onto you (not that we can blame you).

Check out the full report on Pornhub Insights.