Pornhub statisticians reveal all the dirty shit you were searching for while you weren’t at Coachella

Oh Pornhub, you’ve just nailed it with your insights research. They’ve brought us all the best drunken searches on St. Patricks Day, the effects of the Women’s March on Porn traffic, and even how the release of the Nintendo Switch caused a sharp rise in some very specific search terms.

Today we suss out how Coachella, possibly the worlds’ largest music festival, influenced the dirty minds all over the world.

pornhub insights kendrick lamar lady gaga coachella

How badly were the world’s porn consumers craving a bit of festival-related action during Coachella? Pornhub Insights has your answer.

The juiciest data always comes from which search terms spiked the highest during an event. Without further ado, here you go:


While obviously everyone was just after some good, old-fashioned, amateur, festival-related media like ‘music festival girls’, ‘sex festival’ and my personal favourite, ‘camping orgies’, the clear winner of Coachella was Kendrick Lamar.

Sorry Lady Gaga, but it looks like the Billboard 100 isn’t the only chart he’s currently king of. But where were the searches for Hans Zimmer? That set went off.


Unlike the events we’ve seen previously, Coachella was responsible for two spikes in search traffic, given that the festival took place over two main weekends. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed in the rise during the second main event. It seems we’re always looking for the next thrill.

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Via Pornhub Insights.