Every dog has its day: the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack is getting a reissue on blood red vinyl

The soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s debut Reservoir Dogs is set to get a slick new lick of red paint this summer, when it is reissued on vermillion or clear vinyl.

It set the tone for Tarantino’s subsequent soundtracks, punctuating the selection of dusty recordings form between the 60s and 80s with snippets of dialogue, delivered by DJ of the fictional radio station, K-Billy Steven Wright.

reservoir dogs soundtrack vinyl reissue quentin tarantino

Every dog has its day: Quentin Tarantino’s debut film Reservoir Dogs is having its classic soundtrack reissued on blood-red vinyl. How appropriate.

Also the first example of Tarantino juxtaposing musical styles and era with on-screen violence, he is said to have wanted the film to have a 1950s feel while using 70s music. The use of Stuck in the Middle with You during the torture scene being a case in point.


The soundtrack will be pressed in an edition of 2,000 via Music On Vinyl and released on 2nd June. Click here to pre-order your copy.

This article originally appeared on The Vinyl Factory.