Move over Quentin Tarantino there’s a new foot fetish King in town

Kourtney Kardashian sets the record straight about her husband Travis Barker’s apparent love for feet.

In case you have not been keeping up with the Kardashians lately, then you might have missed Kourtney’s Vanity Fair lie detector interview, which was done with her sister Khloe, who asked all the juicy details about Kourtney and Travis’ most intimate moments.

The couple haven’t been one to shy away from their public display of affection, especially capturing their moments of affection for each other in candid Instagram posts, and of course on-screen during episodes of The Kardashians. However, sister Khloe took it upon herself to set the record straight for all of us about Travis’ supposed love for his wife’s feet, which has been documented on his Instagram for those of us that pay enough attention to detail.


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During the Vanity Fair interview, Khloe asks her sister “Do you have a foot fetish?” to which Kourtney responds “I don’t personally.”

Khloe quickly followed up with, “Does Travis have a foot fetish for your feet?”.

Kourtney stated “Possibly” before relenting with a multitude of yes’s.

Kourtney did further clear the air about the rumours milling around her husband’s likening to her feet on the Not Skinny, Not Fat podcast, which she did not deny. She stated on the podcast: “I love really cute feet. I mean, if somebody wants to pay extra attention to my feet, I’m not mad at that. Well, my husband, not just anybody.”

Travis has also been known to comment about his wife’s feet on episodes of The Kardashians where he questioned why her feet are cold at night, as he pays “so much attention to [them].” This is not a lone comment about his wife’s feet, as another episode focused on their sexual cleanse, which they were doing to increase their chances of fertility. In this episode Kourtney and Travis revealed that they could not masturbate or engage in any sexual activity at all, which lead to them asking the doctor: “‘What about oral?’ ‘What about hands?’ ‘What about feet?'”

So what’s the verdict? Is Travis Barker close to knocking the reigning King of foot fetishes, Quentin Tarantino, off the throne?