Lebsian? Lesbiam? Pornhub reveals just how shitfaced the world was on St. Patricks Day

Pornhub Insights is quickly becoming one of the most entertaining news sources on the web. Usually based around global events like Christmas, Pornhub uses their massive traffic and search statistics to uncover the world’s naughtiest browsing habits, with hilarious results.

This edition focuses on St. Patrick’s Day, which took place over the weekend. The luck of the Irish was with Pornhub this year, who managed to pull together a few killer infographics on everything green and boozy.


Just how drunk were Pornhub users on St. Patrick’s Day? From misspelt searches to Irish leanings, the adult website has all the facts.

Here’s my favourite: a graph showing how badly users kept misspelling search terms like ‘lesbian’ and ‘cartoon’ after one Guinness too many.


Meanwhile on the fateful day, key search terms related to Irishness, drunkedness, greenness and apparently luckiness skyrocketed. However ‘leprechaun’ found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, increasing by nearly 9000% as a search term:


Meanwhile two more graphs reveal just how great St. Patricks Day was for ‘lucky’ and ‘Irish’ as search terms. Who knew that people got so topical with their porn searches? And on that note, who came home after a night of Paddy’s Day drinking with enough pizzazz to boot up the laptop and go ahead with some oddly specific self-pleasure?



Via Pornhub Insights.

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