Pornhub shares the hottest Halloween costume searches of 2022

After reviewing millions of searches during October, The Pornhub Insights team has revealed the hottest Halloween costume searches of 2022.

The Pornhub Insights team has come through with the all-important data on which Halloween costumes were the biggest turn-on for their avid viewers this year. After examining millions of searches during the month of October, they’ve released a list of the most popular searches.

In the Top 10 portion of the 48 most popular searches, ‘TEACHER’ tops the list. Trailing closely behind are ‘HALLOWEEN’ (duh) and ‘DOCTOR’. Commenting on the most popular searches, Pornhub Insights team member, Aria says: “No matter how old we get, it seems our minds never mature past our obsession with sexy teachers and naughty cheerleaders.”

The insights team at Pornhub team even did the due diligence of comparing it to last year’s stats on Halloween searches, to “see what looks are up or down in popularity this year.” For example, thanks to this year’s sequel of the iconic film, Hocus Pocus, it’s reportedly 1,481% percent more popular among searchers in 2022 than it was in 2021. See the entire list of the hottest Halloween searches of 2022 below. For a full breakdown and more insights, head over to pornhub.com/insights.

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Credit: pornhub.com/insights