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The sexiest horror movies to lust over this Halloween

Often, the only saving grace during the Halloween period (which supermarket giants will have you believe begins in late August) are the binge-worthy horror films it inspires.

In between premature pumpkin decorations and overexcited trick-or-treaters, the spooky season offers the chance to invest in some truly exhilarating cinematic thrills, albeit through clenched fists and half-covered eyes — which is admittedly half the fun. 

As the final day of October approaches, however, you might find that your horror movie watchlist is populated with the same Halloween staples. Bucketloads of gore (Saw’s I through to two million), supernatural forces (à la Paranormal Activity), or a naive, usually blonde character who definitely should not go see what made that noise in the attic (basically any slasher from the ‘90s).  

Sexy horror movies
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And while there’s nothing particularly wrong with these cheap thrills (see Drew Barrymore’s iconic-yet-failed escape from the masked killer in Scream), more attuned horror cinephiles might be looking for something a little more titillating. So, just like Halloween party-goers who use the season as the basis of an eye-popping costume (we see you, sexy kittens), we’re counting down the sexiest horror movies to stream this spooky season. 

Fresh — 2022

Any movie starring Sebastian Stan ranks immediately among Hollywood’s hottest films, and the actor’s swoon-worthy charm is used to subversive (and downright unstomachable) effect in 2022’s Fresh. The film follows Noa (played by Daisy Edgar-Jones), a hopeless romantic who’s quickly enamoured by Steve (Stan), only to discover his unusual appetites in both the bedroom and on the dinner plate (think Silence of the Lambs meets When Harry Met Sally). ​​If the way into a man’s heart (or jeans) is through his stomach, then Noa is about to get a taste of exactly what that means.

Jennifer’s Body — 2009

Initially panned by critics upon its 2009 release, Jennifer’s Body has since become a high-camp, sneakily-feminist horror flick worthy of its cult-classic status. The film sandwiches themes of queer love and feminist reclamation between more kitschy subplots around vampires, love triangles and sacrifices to satan. Add in a late-aughties Megan Fox and you’ve got all the trappings of a Halloween aphrodisiac.

Black Swan — 2010

Director Darren Aronofsky has no chill. When he’s not subjecting Jennifer Lawrence to a psychotic break in mother!, he’s exploring the toxic psychosexual desires of an elite ballerina in Black Swan (2010). The lust of Natalie Portman’s Nina — be it for the perfect pirouette or for her handsy ballet teacher — leads her into delusional hijinks, to the point where you’ll never look at a mirror the same way again (not just because of bedhead). Better yet, these erotic-turned-deadly cravings occur before Nina even meets — and later beds — Mila Kunis’ Odile. Or does she? 

Fatal Attraction — 1987

It’s the film that birthed the term “bunny boiler” and promptly forced men’s extra-marital DMs straight to the trash bin. Trapped in a permanent sex fog following a torrid affair with Dan (played by Michael Douglas), Glenn Close’s Alex must concoct increasingly unnerving ways to satisfy her obsessions. Alternative titles for the film range from How to (not) Hide an Affair or Protect Your Pets, but for all its messages about the price of cheating, Fatal Attraction makes one thing clear: hell hath no fury like a Glenn Close scorned. 

It Follows — 2015

The main takeaway from 2015’s It Follows? Use a condom. Sure, the sensory horror flick has a roundabout way of making that point, but the film’s depiction of a fatal virus shared via intercourse is a surefire message about the dangers of (un)safe sex. Populated with an evil phantom and enough bikinied scenes to make you question the film’s wardrobe budget, It Follows takes the panic of a visit to the STI clinic to new extremes, and ensures that you’ll never leave the house un-rubbered.   

American Psycho — 2002

The psychological contents of 2000’s American Psycho are enough to fill out the libraries of Freud himself, and there’s no denying that an element of antagonist Patrick Bateman’s insanity is rooted in sexuality. Bateman’s desire to fulfill his bloodthirsty whims leads him to passionate affairs, homoerotic relationships and eventually, a graveyard’s worth of murders. You might be surprised to learn that the book of the same name, upon which American Psycho is based, holds even less punches than the film adaptation. American Psycho also stars Christian Bale, and this is a list about sexy things, right?

Teeth – 2007

No doubt the silliest entry on this list, 2007’s Teeth finds its horror in the age-old myth of vagina dentata (or a toothed vagina, in layman’s terms). While the premise of the film’s protagonist, Dawn, suffering from such an affliction might seem ludicrous (Teeth certainly veers toward the absurd), the movie makes some interesting points about forced abstinence and sexual consent, with a few satirical laughs thrown in for extra bite.       

Under The Skin — 2013

Scarlett Johansson? Check. A thrilling femme fatale? Check. An extraterrestrial who seduces and banishes unsuspecting men to a cannibalistic dimension? Check. Using its title more as an adjective of the film itself, Under The Skin follows Johansson’s alien as it engages in a fatal mating dance with horned-up victims. The film mixes sci-fi horror with a James Bond-level villainess, and speaks to the dangers that come with being a little too hot under the collar. 

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