Brazzers vs Pornhub – which is the ‘better’ porn site?

Brazzers porn is steadily converting die-hard Pornhub fans. But some may be wondering, what is Brazzers? And is it better than Pornhub?

Looks like Pornhub aficionados have started to jump ship to another explicit video site. Meet Brazzers – the internet’s self-proclaimed #1 Best Porn Site In the WORLD. Let’s see about that, shall we?

Launched in 2004, Brazzers has a three-year leg-up on Pornhub; the colossally-successful site that entered the online adult entertainment space in 2007, sporting eerily similar colours to the brazzers logo. But despite Brazzer’s headstart, sites like pornhub.com, xvideos.com and xnxx.com are still lightyears ahead in the numbers game…

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According to ReviewBolt, Pornhub garnered a whopping 2 billion visitors worldwide last month, compared to the measly 23 million pulled by brazzers.com. Many Pornhub sites around the world, including Pornhub UK, and pornhub in the US, are hugely responsible for these sky-rocketing numbers. Unfortunately for www.brazzer..com their porn video brazzer numbers don’t come close. Not even the best of Brazzers videos on www brazzer con generate that many views!

Unfortunately, many sinister people in the adult entertainment world help keep pornhub trending for xvideos access and their own sexually unethical gain. Considering Pornhub’s history with sex trafficking and exploitation, this fact is impossible to deny. I mean, if you’re a cn pornhub model, how much can you make on pornhub even? Not much, apparently. In truth, there are far more ethical porn sites you can visit, to satisfy all of your NSFW video cravings…could Brazzers videos be one of those sites? Let’s do a deep dive on pornhub’s b.com competitor, the porno Brazzers website.

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So, what is Brazzers? – Founded by Sam Youssef, Feras Antoon, Stephane Manos and Matt Keezer, the Canadian video production organisation brezers porn is responsible for making pornographic content of different categories, to suit a diverse array of Brazzers categories and interests.

Take the following Brazzers hub examples from the Brazzers library porn: brazzers mom, brazzers anal, brazzers threesome, brazzers milf, brazzers lesbian, brazzers squirt, and brazzers stepmom.

brazzers lesbian
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Over the near two decades the Brazzers new porn craze has been alive, thousands of brazzers models have climbed up the ranks of brazzers.com porn to reach top popularity on the brazzars porn site, among them being violet myers brazzers and brazzers jordi.

And with more models joining every day, a new army of brazzers pornstars is most certainly rising on the brezzers porn video website!

brazzers models
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Doesn’t sound too far off from what Pornhub’s all about, right? Well, where pornhub falls under fire for exploitation, brazzers falls under fire for scams…or at least, that’s what these users had to say in their candid feedback regarding brazers porn mishaps:

“Brazzers is pile of feces. Don’t touch it with a barge pole,” writes a user by the name of Mr X on ReviewBolt. “It’s a scam site created for membership fees. They don’t let you cancel. Once you’ve paid, you are in the trap.”


Mr X continues: “Pay-as-you-go porn sites like XCams4You.com are much better. The have better quality videos and real girls live shows – that’s the best part watching them live cause they do whatever you request.”

He adds, “Brazzers put two unauthorized charges on me after I had cancelled my membership. Eventually I had to change my bank card. Typical scam site which should be shut down!”

free brazzers porn
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As it turns out, Mr X is not the only member of the brazzers network who has experienced this issue on the porn Brazzar site: Buyer beware! Just stay well clear of this scam fellows!” writes ReviewBolt user, Liam Pride. “Once they know your cc they’ll keep overcharging you. There are hundreds of pages of the fine print with undisclosed fees.”

Aside from scammy experiences, another deterrent of barzzers xvides is the cost of www.brazzer subscriptions. Many users love the brezzars porn content, but wish they could access free brazzers porn, much like they can on other websites.

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“I wish you could give negative stars! What a bunch of jokers. Free porn sites are better,” declares reviewer, Mark Brennan.

Ah, alas. To access to any of their videos, you’ve got to pay up. There’s four different brazzers porn.com membership options to choose from, but if you just want to test the waters, you can start with a two-day membership that will give you access to over 10,000 brazzers full HD videos, for just one dollar…

brazzers model
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Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, according to this user, it was:

“I did the $1 trial and after that I’ve been charged numerous time. don’t trust this website,” writes Monica M. on ReviewBolt.

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The more we look into these popular pornhubs b.com and www,brazzers.com porn websites, the more we struggle to have guilt-free masturbation sessions. Luckily, thanks to the advent of sites like OnlyFans and Fansly, we can support adult content creators directly instead of going on pornhub’s b.com website, and avoid being scammed by porn giants like xnxx pornhub and brazzers.in who may be exploiting their workers.

For example, some OnlyFans accounts you might like to check out include whatever amy onlyfans and sam eilish onlyfans. Only fans pornhub debates can get heated, but next time you wake up and think to yourself, I want to see some porn, we recommend OnlyFans over porn brazzer any day!

Horny lurkers, beware! Next time it’s porn o’clock, consume with caution! Instead of dialling in pornhub’s b.com it might just be the Brazzers library you find your self fapping to. If we’ve failed to convince you however, and you’re still all brazzer brazzer brazzer then we wish you the best of luck anyway, and let us know how the porn brazer explorations go!