Pornhub has released its latest insights and turns out we’re all super horny for Mario

“Maaama-hoo-ha-hoo, wow-wow!” Pornhub has offered up its latest insights and this time they’ve gone full-Mario.

Last year, Nintendo celebrated 35 years of the release of their original Super Mario Bros. game and, well, Pornhub is aware.

The porn giant unveiled a new batch of insights in September 2020, that show some rather large Super Mario-shaped spikes.

pornhub super mario

As Pornhub points out, video games make for some of the site’s most popular searches, reportedly spurring thousands of porn parody spin-offs and other fan-created content.

In Pornhub’s 2019 Year in Review, Super Mario ranked as the 4th most popular game search (a figure which represented a 96% increase from the previous year), whilst Zelda scored number 1.

Fast forward to late last year, as it turns out when Nintendo announced a bunch of 35th-anniversary releases, Super Mario-related terms spiked 142% on Pornhub. Ten days later on the actual anniversary, related searches again boosted by 57%. Way to go!

pornhub super mario

If you’re wondering which characters people are most likely to search, Mario has taken the top spot (yes! I’m the winner!), although he is closely followed by Princess Peach (princess of the Mushroom Kingdom) and the viral-hypothetical fan art creation, Bowsette. Right at the bottom of the list (and rightly so) is the anthropomorphic turtle, Koopa.

pornhub super mario

Elsewhere, Pornhub statisticians found that the most commonly searched together characters are Mario and Princess Peach, followed by Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, and then Princess Peach and Browser. Saucy.

Now, if you’re wondering just who is typing Mario into that search bar, turns out men are 571% more likely to look up Super Mario-related porn, with the most eager age bracket being 25-34.

Meanwhile, Geo-Data shows that the continent most horny for Super Mario is…South America. And the least Mario-horny continent? Africa.

And if all that data isn’t enough to get you over the edge, cop a look at what people like to search before and after their Super Mario fix. Honourable mentions go to Selena Gomez and rule 34 (the theory that if it exists, there’s porn for it“).

super mario

I’ll leave you to enjoy your Super Mario porn in peace.

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