Revisit The Cat Piano, an award winning short film narrated by Nick Cave

A city of singing cats is preyed upon by a shadowy figure intent on performing a twisted feline symphony.

Released in 2009, The Cat Piano is an unbelievably awesome, film noir styled animation directed by Eddie White and Ari Gibson which brought in Nick Cave on narration duties.

The film went on to win ‘Best Short Animation’ at the Australian Film Institute Awards and ‘Best Music in a Short Film’ at the APRA Screen Music Awards. After watching even the first ten seconds, you’ll understand why.

cat piano nick cave

Watch a downtrodden, lovesick cat beat along to the poetry of Nick Cave in the award winning short film The Cat Piano.

The Cat Piano follows the story of a struggling beat poet who falls in love with a gleaming songstress in a bar. At the height of his entrancement a dubious character kidnaps her, whisking the singer away to involve her in his own dastardly plans.

It’s everything a deep Nick Cave fan desires – smoky bars, poetic musings, dusky settings and an underlying darkness make the film completely addictive from the get go. The cats are just a bonus.

While Cave’s voice is an obvious highlight, the unique animation style and simplistic musical accompaniment kick this production to the next level. It’s a must watch.

Via Dangerous Minds.

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