Get lost in the boundless sounds of Rhian Sheehan’s new album A Quiet Divide

Once you enter into the sprawling soundscapes of New Zealand artist Rhian Sheehan, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to leave. The artist will blanket your body with his immersive and cinematic sounds.

With his new album A Quiet Divide, Sheehan delicately breezes through carefully arranged instrumentals and production to craft a slice of pure sonic bliss.

On his sprawling new album A Quiet Divide, New Zealand composer Rhian Sheehan has crafted a boundless piece of cinematic glory.

Throughout A Quiet Divide, Sheehan traverses through boundless ambience, post-rock, electronica, neo-classical to deliver an album that will draw you in and leaving you hanging on each note.

On album opener Elegy For The Past, he crafts a borderless sonic space that will leave you without concept of space or time. It floats right past you; never really beginning and never really ending.

On Soma Dreams, Sheehan builds a bright and textured piece of music that feels completely euphoric. As the album’s sprawling six-minute centrepiece We Danced Under A Broken Sky builds into a cinematic, you’ll be lost entirely within his epic and cathartic sounds.

By the time the album’s airy closer 1982 fades back out of existence, you’ll have been entranced by Rhian Sheehan. This album is a journey… one we’d happily take over and over again. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long to hear what he delivers next.

A Quiet Divide is available Friday October 5th. Pre-order here.