Rickenbacker celebrates 90th birthday with two limited edition releases

Rickenbacker breathes new life into the classics, with two new limited edition models, just in time for the company’s 90th anniversary.

It is Rickenbacker’s birthday, and to celebrate, they have released two vibrant, limited-edition models, a guitar and a bass. The 480XC electric guitar and the 4005XC bass guitar, combine the classic vintage styling that Rickenbacker is known for, with some modern twists, resulting in what seem to be quite unique guitars.

Rickenbacker took to social media to announce their latest release, posting a photo of the two instruments on Instagram. While not much is known beyond the details of the post, retailers have already begun to list the new models.


Here is what we know so far:

Rickenbacker 480XC

The 480XC is a modern take on the 480 model, which has not been manufactured since 1984. It combines a maple body and neck with a Macassar ebony fretboard, which contrasts with the crushed pearl inlays.

It adorns a black pickguard and hardware and has swapped out the covered bridge and high gain pickups from the original 480, with a Schaller bridge and a set of super-hot toaster pickups. The result should be the classic Rickenbacker twang enjoyed by the likes of Tom Petty and The Beatles.

So far, it will be available in Tobacco Glo and Jet Glo finishes.

Rickenbacker 4005XC

Oasis’s Noel Gallagher Playing a Rickenbacker 4005.

Once again, with the 4005XC, Rickenbacker has aimed to modernise and rejuvenate a classic model, in this case, the 4005. Like its 6-string counterpart, the 4005XC will boast a maple body, 3-piece maple neck and an ebony fretboard with crushed pearl inlays. The guitar keeps its vintage look with a classic white pickguard.

Retailers have stated that the vintage-voiced pickups it adorns will be wired to both mono and stereo output.

It will be available in Amber Fire Glo and Jet Glo.

While Rickenbacker has not released any official details or a release date, the models are expected to be released later this year.


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