Ride For Rain run us through their raucous new track Nobody Can Save Us

If you haven’t already been jamming out to Ride For Rain’s new single Nobody Can Save Us, you’ve missing out. Plain and simple.

The song is an all-out assault of garage, skate-punk that’ll hit you right across the chin and leave you asking for more. So fresh off the track’s release, we caught up with the band for a run down of the new track.

Fresh off the release of their raucous skate-punk jam Nobody Can Save Us, we caught up with Sydney outfit Ride For Rain for low-down on their hard-hitting new track.

HAPPY: G’day everyone, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

RIDE FOR RAIN: Literally right now I’m drinking a coffee whilst answering these lovely questions haha. The others are probably doing the grind (working).

HAPPY: Nobody Can Save Us has just landed – how are you feeling about it now that it’s out?

RIDE FOR RAIN: Pretty damn happy about. I personally think it’s one of the stronger songs we’ve ever written. It genuinely feels like a song as a whole opposed to throwing a few riffs together and calling it one.

When ever we are writing new songs the goal is to make it catchier, harder and faster than what we’ve done before without being limited to this ‘pop-punk’ sound. We’ll write a jazz song if we want, we don’t care… actually that could be a good idea…

HAPPY: Care to share what the song is about? The title is a little… bleak.

RIDE FOR RAIN: People talking shit and believing everything they hear. Some of the lyrics are a bit ‘wtf’? Haha. But I guess it’s like how some people will believe anything just so it can suite them. This song was inspired by a real individual who is ruthlessly like this but it also speaks for the whole issue.

HAPPY: It’s got this mad thrasher, ’90s punk vibe. Madness. Who were a couple of your influences walking into this track?

RIDE FOR RAIN: The song had been an instrumental demo for ages now.The lyrics were only made a couple weeks before recording. At the very beginning the influence for the song was just all the 90’s skate punk bands we listen to (Strung Out, NOFX, Frenzal Rhomb etc).

Although by the time we were in the studio recording it, a lot of other things have been an influence. The ending sounds a lot like Neck Deep if you ask me. As always people just say it sounds like Blink though haha! I think 99.9% of music these days is created in the way you listen to other music and feel inspired by it.

We were actually tossing up between this song and this really ‘surfy pop’ song we’ve also got in the vault, although we went with our gut feeling.

HAPPY: How would you compare the newbie to Life’s A Beach or No Better Remedy?

RIDE FOR RAIN: Catchier, harder, faster. We were lucky enough to work with Stevie Knight from Electric Sun Studios, we really pushed us to make the song as good as it could get as well as tapping in on some of the creative aspects… Cheers mate!

HAPPY: Listening to this tune, your live shows must be gnarly. What’s a Ride For Rain gig look like?

RIDE FOR RAIN: Yeah! Our shows are always a fun time. Recently they’ve been on a real uphill which we are so happy about. I never know what to expect with Ride For Rain shows, we’ve done a lot of them and a lot of random ones haha.

We always love to see a good mosh and we are lucky enough to get that kind of ‘rowdiness’ on the regular. As long as people leave smiling and laughing I think we’ve done our job.  Don’t get me wrong though, we are just a local band so we’ve done our fair share of empty rooms haha.

HAPPY: Speaking of, how did your shows at Hideaway and Rad go down?

RIDE FOR RAIN: They were such a blast! We brought a few mates along to play the shows as well as getting to know some new ones. It was virtually the same bands at each show so it felt like one big happy family haha. 

HAPPY: What’s coming next for the Ride For Rain boys?

RIDE FOR RAIN: Always writing new songs and just planning shows till the end of the year. There’s a few lined up and a few in the works. Early next year we’ll be looking to do an Ep or something of the sort. We have such broad music tastes as a band so maybe expect some real genre bending, who knows!

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!

RIDE FOR RAIN: No wozzaaaaaaaa.

Nobody Can Save Us is available now.