Riley From Earth bends the rules of indie-electronica on ‘Just Be Over’

Just Be Over is the very first single from Riley Wingfield under the new name Riley From Earth, previously known as Oshan.

This charming tune challenges the boundaries of genre, inviting listeners to get moving to its cool and catchy indie-electro sound. 

Riley From Earth has delivered a track that clearly signals a new direction for the Sydney artist, delivering juicy combinations of sounds with spectacular vocals. 

After some time struggling in the music industry, Riley came to realisation that if he wanted it done right, he would have to do it himself. So, he retired the name Oshan and rebirthed into Riley From Earth. Since then, the 24-year-old musician has been stirring ingredients together for this new project. We’ve got to admit it, he’s pulled together a perfect concoction. 

Creating music has always been a very personal process for Riley From Earth, meaning that collaborations come few and far between. However, his purposeful choice to collaborate on this track with stunning female vocals works to bring this track to life, detailing a relationship that has begun to fail, searching for a sense of closure on something that was formerly love. 

What makes this track stand out, even more, is the distinctive combination of genres, defying anything you’d expect of an indie track. Riley has created a superb blend of sounds with bright and bop-worthy synths complimenting alt-rock guitars as well as psychedelic rock drum parts. 

If the diverse sounds in this track aren’t enough to paint a picture of Riley from Earth’s unique DIY attitude, then the incredible singe artwork sure will. The artwork is a collage created by Riley himself, using vintage magazine cut-outs inspired by skate culture. 

Just Be Over is a stellar track that is dying to be heard. Here’s to hoping Riley From Earth will be dropping more tracks in the not too distant future. 

Listen to Just Be Over below: