Rip yourself into a machine-ruled future with Giverny's new cut Plotholes

Tired of this decade? Travel to a machine-ruled future in Giverny’s new single Plotholes

Native to Sydney’s south, Giverny is the brain child of Phillip Spiteri, an impressive dark-pop solo act whose abilities show no bounds. Giverny’s sound is electrifying, terrifying and completely unique.

Earlier this year, Giverny collaborated with hardware-based producer and techno DJ David McCann (DAMC) where they played support for Oliver Tank and BATTS. Giverny has continued down a similar pathway of late, crafting fresh new track Plotholes.

Inspired by ’80s retrofuturism, Giverny produces everything from his bedroom studio where he created his first EP, Liabilities, a three-track compilation mixed by renowned audio engineer Antonia Gauci.

Taking a darker turn sonically, Plotholes is Giverny’s second single of the year. Curated around the dystopian idea of the human race moving down the food chain, Plotholes was written in Spiteri’s home studio.

Of the new track, Spiteri says, “There is a sort of ugliness that I can only capture when recording in a bedroom studio.”

I wanted to write something that was reminiscent to Dead Or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Round’ or New Order’s ‘Shell Shock’ due to my obsession with mid to late ’80s pop and my love for analogue synths and ambient pads”.

Nostalgic of New Order, The Cure and The Presets, Plotholes is a cosmic alternative dance offering that channels everything form UFOs to ’80s disco and The Mighty Boosh.

With an atmosphere crafted by glistening synths and Spiteri’s dark vocals, Plotholes rips listeners into an intergalactic journey through to the future, where humanity has been replaced by machine.

Catchy as hell and a definite party starter, Plotholes simultaneously takes you on a journey backwards and forwards in time, inspired by the best of the past yet capturing a definitive lean towards the new.


Catch Giverny on the 13th of January The Botany View Hotel in Newtown, where he’ll be performing with a full live band and fellow Sydneysiders WAWAWOW.