River Hounds release the final instalment of their Live at Abbey Road Studios video series

Over the past couple of weeks, London-based band River Hounds have been releasing a series of videos recorded live at Abbey Road Studios. First came She, then came Runaway, and now comes the third and final instalment Freddie’s Alright.

With each video’s release, the band have further proven their live performance chops, delivering a solid and energetic performance each time. Of course, Freddie’s Alright is no different.

With the release of the third and final instalment of their ‘Live At Abbey Road’ video series, River Hounds blast through a slice of searing grunge glory.

Driven by crunching guitar riffs, the new track is a searing slice of alt-grunge brilliance. It’s fast, hard-hitting, and completely captivating. From the moment the first guitar riff kicks in, you’ll be completely transfixed.

As lead vocalist Rich Grisman and bassist Tony Crumpton trade vocal hooks, the character of Freddie is brought to life. From here, the band stomp through an unapologetic blend of frenzied instrumentation and vitriolic vocals. Backed by lead guitarist Dimi Balev and drummer Manol Marekov, the quartet are a true tour-de-force.

Unfortunately, this is the last instalment of this video series, but here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long to hear what this UK band deliver next.

Until then, enjoy their epic new live video for Freddie’s Alright above. Check out the first two instalments of the video series here.