Surf Rock legend Dick Dale has died, aged 81

Widely recognised as the artist who invented surf-rock guitar, Dick Dale has died aged 81. Dale’s live bassist Sam Bolle confirmed the news to The Guardian this morning.

His passing comes after a lengthy battle with various health issues, including rectal cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, and damaged vertebrae. Nevertheless, Dale toured actively up until his passing.

After a lengthy battle with various health issues, legendary surf-rock guitarist Dick Dale has passed away, aged 81.

Dale was most famous for his song Misirlou, which Quentin Tarantino used in the opening credits for Pulp Fiction. Dale also worked alongside Leo Fender to develop the first 100-watt amplifier. This was a necessity for Dale, considering how many amplifiers he destroyed from playing at excessively high volumes.

In an interview, Dale once said the following in regards to death: “You tell the people, ‘Don’t be scared of dying.’ When your mind leaves this body, it is a beautiful thing and it is not to be feared. Don’t let that fear of dying affect the way you live.

You take that fear and you use it as a driving force to keep moving forward, no matter how much pain you have. That’s how I do what I do on stage. I’m not afraid to die because it all gets beautiful from here.