Rock Hall Of Fame shares statement defining Rock music

Rock Hall of Fame has revealed their new inclusion mission statement, defining rock music for generations to come.

Cleveland’s Rock Hall of Fame has issued a new mission statement, ahead of 2023 induction class. President and CEO of the Rock Hall, Greg Harris, revealed the new mission statement during a January 30 press conference. So what did this new mission statement entail exactly?

Well for starters, rock music has always had deep roots in rhythm, blues, and country music – yes that sounds a bit hard to digest to rock music lovers, but it is in fact true. This came up during last year’s induction where they nominated iconic country legend Dolly Parton – who originally declined the offer since she believed that she wasn’t a rock artist. Gasp, I know, this women is absolutely legendary in every way possible, how could she possibly not think she isn’t worthy? However, luckily she changed her mind and accepted her induction into the Rock Hall in style.

Dolly Parton
Credit: Press

Ever since this, the Rock Hall of Fame has determined that rock will no longer be dictated by the golden age of classic rock,  which was quite frankly very biased due to its very white and male-dominated past. Harris is set to change these outdated so-called ‘rules’ that define rock n’ roll, with the new mission statement being: “Born from the collision of rhythm and blues, country, and gospel, rock and roll is a spirit that is inclusive and ever-changing”.

The statement continued by stating that rock music “celebrates the sound of youth culture and honours the artists whose music connects us all”. 

The Rock Hall Of Fame nominees will be released on Wednesday 1st February, and the inductees will be revealed in May along with the date and location of the induction ceremony.