Rocket Science have returned with a dark, stellar, experimental fifth album

It’s been ten years since their last album and now Rocket Science have returned harder and hotter than ever to tear your mind to ribbons.

The fifth album from Rocket Science, is an experimental, new-wave, art punk goliath. Let Snake coil about your soul.

Rocket Science

Rocket Science have return to earth after a lengthy hiatus. Tougher, harder and wilder than ever, Snake proves the band is willing to take more risks, with more energy than ever before.

Australian alternative rock outfit Rocket Science formed in 1998 and released their first album in the first months of the new millennium. With four successful studio albums under their belt they have built a cult following over the years through a refined sonic formulation of new-wave punk and sci-fi exploration.

Otherworldly synth distortion and post-punk instrumentation shares the likeness of Aussie contemporaries such as Radio Birdman, Died Pretty and Tropical Fuck Storm. Mixing elements of improvised no-wave artistry, garage, space-rock and straight darkness the songs reflect a decaying post-modern world. Keyboardist and vocalist Roman Tucker connects with themes ranging from disillusion, disgust, fear and betrayal to drugs, disability, gender and existential fear.

From the ruthless onslaught of I Hate Hate to the eerie, industrial darkness in Curve of Your Back, Rocket Science aren’t ever trying to play it safe. Not even for a moment. Despite their long history of experimentation, the group extend outstretched arms to further explore the unknown, because let’s be frank, darkness looks good on them.

Check out Snake below:

The renewed vim and vigour is apparent from the onset. Opener Chasing Rainbows enters with a guitar frantically stabbing through an unrelenting, rolling rhythm section, overlaid with snarling vocals before it all explodes into a psychedelic, freak-out.

Rocket Science are here to confirm their unrelenting experimentation and definitive style in Snake. The fifth studio LP from the Australian post-punk outfit is a well executed expression of modern anxieties and fears in a fraying world.

Check out the east coast tour dates below:

30 Aug – The Eastern, Ballarat, VIC – Tickets Here
31 Aug –  The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine, VIC – Tickets Here
7 Sep – The Tote, Melbourne, Vic – Tickets Here
12 Sep – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, QLD – Tickets Here
20 Sep – Crowbar, Sydney, NSW – Tickets Here
21 Sep – Servo Food Truck Bar, Wollongong, NSW – Tickets Here
9 Nov – The Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong, VIC – Tickets Here