'Rocketman' director wants to make a film about The Clash

‘Rocketman’ director wants to make a film about The Clash

Dexter Fletcher, the director of Rocketman, has stated his interest in making a film about The Clash.

Following the success of his Elton John biopic along with his involvement in Bohemian Rhapsody (following the firing of original director Bryan Singer), Fletcher believes that The Clash would be his preferred next musical undertaking.

Following his work on Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody, Dexter Fletcher mentioned his desire to work on a biopic on The Clash.

During a Red Carpet interview with the NME at the BAFTA’s, Fletcher stated, “They did their own film many years ago but that could be interesting”. This film refers to the classic 1980 rockumentary Rude Boy about a fan of the band. The Clash’s main run with the ‘classic’ lineup lasted from 1977-1982, where the prolific band released five acclaimed albums.

These include but are not limited to their ferocious debut album, the masterpiece London Calling and the sprawling extravaganza Sandinista. Over this period through constant touring, The Clash became known as ‘The only band that matters’. What better artist for Fletcher to tackle than one of the most revered bands in history?

Even though this would be a truly dream collaboration, Fletcher mentioned his desire to work on other projects prior. He explained he wouldn’t be “rushing to do any more musical biopics any time soon”. He continued by saying, “maybe in 10 years time – The Clash will still be around. It’ll be great.”

This will definitely be one to keep an eye on.