Rockstar Games ventures into the music industry with Circoloco Records

GTA is a game lauded for its innovative use of music. So it comes as no surprise that its publisher, Rockstar Games, would eventually launch its own label.

Every time a new Grand Theft Auto title comes out, the first thing I do is hop in the closest vehicle, turn on the radio and blast the soundtrack for a couple of hours whilst cruising around the city. Rockstar Games has long had its ear to the underground music scene, giving a platform to artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Kavinsky and Flying Lotus well before they exploded into the mainstream.

Rockstar Games’ keen sense of taste and knowledge of a variety of musical genres has not only developed memorable soundtracks but also helped bring a virtual city to life by featuring a diverse range of artists that truly reflect the mood of the game’s setting.

So it comes as no surprise that Rockstar Games has made a huge first step into the music industry by partnering with Circoloco, an international dance brand, to create Circoloco Records. So what does this mean?

GTA V nightclub
Image: PCGamesN

Well for starters, we’ll be receiving the label’s first release on June 4. Titled Monday Dreamin’, the album will consist of a compilation of tracks from TOKiMONSTA, Moodymann, Carl Craig and many more artist who have been with Circoloco since its inception in 1999.

Each week Circoloco Records will release a small selection of tracks from the compilation, before a full release on July 9.

We are unsure of how this will affect Grand Theft Auto V or the rumoured sequel. However, it’s reasonable to expect more virtual performance from real artists, akin to GTA V Moodymann residency, or Travis Scott’s Fortnite performance.

We could even see Rockstar Games open up a dedicated live music space in one of their games featuring a rotational act list of real artists. I just hope they also include a mini-game where you have to do as many sneaky key bumps in the club without getting caught.