Vancool shakes the indie-rock scene with new single ‘I’ll Follow You’

Indie Perth band, Vancool, deliver a gorgeously fuzzy rock tune, I’ll Follow You, dripping with the nostalgia of a 90’s love-song.

“All dressed up, nowhere to go”, Vancool’s lyrics swirl in electrically oozing clouds with their new single I’ll Follow You

The track was released last week after a string of sold out shows for the Perth group, showcasing a sharper, more-refined, and exciting new direction for Vancool’s sound.


Frontman, Dion Mariani created the band after his involvement with local Perth groups; The Flairz, Custom Royal and Ray Finkle.

I’ll Follow You magnifies Mariani’s vocal experience in multi-genre groups to create a blended mix of rock with a nostalgically indie sound.


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The single kicks off with Mariani’s dreamy old school vocals, pulling you into a grungy teenage love soundscape.

With an acoustic guitar that strums a golden treasure tune, and drums that slam a 90’s edge beat, Vancool have managed to pull together a glistening rock track that will transcend any musical preference.

As the tune progresses, Vancool shows off their electrically harnessed skills, a flawless blend of sounds with a chorus that ripples you into a tightly packed mosh pit, involuntarily moving your body.

The lyrics burst with an energetic passion, you can just feel the echo of a crowd chanting; “you got me a corner like you wanted/you got me in a corner like you need/and I can’t take my eyes off you”. 

Mariani hints that the track is a sign of what is to come for Vancool; “This new single, I feel, is the closest and most accurate representation of where Vancool is right now – it’s really exciting”. 


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Exciting it is. One thing is for sure, we will be following Vancool wherever they go, desperately pleading for more music.

Be sure to catch the group on their upcoming South-West tour, kicking off at Aardvark, Fremantle on Friday 28 May.

Check out Vancool’s new single, I’ll Follow You, below: