Roland’s legendary Juno-60 is reborn as a soft synth

After attaining iconic status in the 1980s, Roland has re-released their influential Juno-60 keyboard as a modified software synthesiser. 

Keeping to the authenticity that encapsulated the experience of the original Juno-60 hardware synth, Roland has re-released their famed piece of ’80s-defining equipment. The new virtual synth allows users to engage with the familiar vintage sounds reminiscent of its old-school counterpart with a modern twist. 

The original Juno-60 was among one of the earliest models a part of Roland’s iconic line of analog polysynths, still topping the lists of many synth aficionados as an all-time favourite. 

Roland says, “We felt it was important to not veer too far from the original’s carefully balanced magic—including its odd quirks and charming limitations. But we couldn’t resist adding a few touches “.

The newly modified Juno-60 software takes the original formula of massive swirling choruses, impressively simple architecture and approachable workflow, into a new dimension. Staying true to the original’s charm, this software synth complements Juno-60’s existing features whilst adding a few new accents of its own. 

Equipped with two fully adjustable envelopes, a condition dial adjusting the age characteristics of the virtual hardware, fully resizable interface and an original arpeggiator design, the new Juno-60 will make a strong addition to any in-the-box producer’s arsenal.

With lush effects being a part of Juno’s original identity, Roland has ensured that the new software-synthesiser be loaded with mix-ready preset tones, captivating sounds assured to inspire sonic exploration.

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