Rolf Harris reportedly releasing a revenge album from prison

Rolf Harris is reportedly writing a revenge album titled Justice For All, where, according to The Sun, he will address those who accused him of sexual assault.

Revenge Album

The 85 year old, former Aussie icon is currently serving a prison sentence of five years and nine months after being convicted of twelve accounts of sexual assault between 1968 and 1986, against females as young as seven years of age.

According to an unidentified source, “Making music is helping Rolf survive prison. But rather than keep his material to himself, he’s telling those around him he has every intention of releasing it.”

“The stuff has rockier influences than the music he’s known for, because he wants to get across his anger at what he sees as injustice.”

The news of a full album follows reports from 2015 that Harris wrote a song titled Woodworm from inside prison, which mocks his accusers. Following his conviction, he was dismissed from the ARIA Hall Of Fame and stripped of his Order Of Australia medal.