Romy, Jamie and Oliver are back together! The XX announce their long-awaited reunion and third studio album

After Jamie XX’s absolute 2015 chart dominance following the release of his debut solo album In Colour, millions of fans have been hanging out for anything new from the producer and his old band The XX.

Today the band took to Facebook to make some huge announcements: they’re back together, there’s an album on the way, and they’re touring North America. They also shared a killer playlist of the songs they’ve been listening to in studio.


It’s going on four years since The XX released a record, due to Jamie XX’s solo career. The cult London trio are back, with new music coming in 2017.

Check out the full post from the XX below:

Since Coexist in 2012, The XX have been mostly quiet. Completing a variety of side projects including a song for the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby and Jamie XX’s record, in addition to a speckling of tours, there’s been more than enough time for the lot of us to start developing withdrawal symptoms.

The news bodes well for a little something something in 2017, a single at the very least. They haven’t advertised the status of the album they’re working on at all, but hopefully it’s in the latter stages at this point.

Until then tide yourselves over with the amazing playlist they’ve curated, and this hit that started it all…

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