Canberra’s Russian Embassy have dropped a cursed cover of ‘House of the Rising Sun’

A group from the Russian Embassy in Canberra gave released a music video covering House of the Rising Sun, replacing the lyrics with some nods to their mother country.

Last week, Australia celebrated Russian Diplomats Day. To commemorate the diplomatic corps, a few musical geniuses at the Russian Embassy released their very own music video. The music video, titled House of the Russian Emb, covers The Animals’ hit House of the Rising Sun. Naturally, this was the best song to cover.

Why the Embassy decided to replace the lyrics of the monumental classic to show off their Canberra office? I do not know.

russian emb
Image: Russian Embassy in Australia

The video, already with 8,709 views, describes the Russian diplomats as “celebrating their professional holiday.” The music cover (an utter masterpiece if you ask me) shows the diplomats singing around the grounds and rooftop of Russia’s Embassy in Canberra.

“And the only time he’ll [The Russian Father] be satisfied is when the world’s at peace,” they sing. Not to mention the keyboard synth solo includes a montage of professional working images as the Russian flag flies.

The whole video gives off massive Vulfpeck dad vibes, and I like it.

As our favourite Aussie Russians bellow that “my mother is my country/she sewed my new blue suit”, I can only hope the boys will return next Diplomats’ Day with another song.