Leapwing’s Al Schmitt signature plugin captures the sound of a legend

Legendary recording engineer and producer Al Schmitt has teamed up with Belgian company Leapwing to capture his iconic sound.

23-time Grammy-winning recording engineer and producer Al Schmitt essentially started as an assistant Audio Engineer to his uncle at the age of 8 (riding the New York Subway by himself) and then officially at the age of 19 at Apex Recording Studios, which led him to record Duke Ellington and his orchestra.

From there he moved to Los Angeles and recorded and produced over 160 plus gold records with Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Dianna Krall, Sam Cooke, Henry Mancini, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Quincy Jones, and Natalie Cole…just to name a few.

Leapwing Al Schmitt

It’s no surprise Al Schmitt is known for his audio excellence and natural-sounding recordings whilst working at RCA and Capitol Records. Leapwing, a relatively new company from Belgium, (who make innovative plugins that have not previously existed) has harnessed that iconic sound with the release of an Al Schmitt signature plugin.

The aptly named ‘Al Schmitt’ Plugin has 6 unique profiles to choose from which are quite simple in their controls, but complex in the back end. Vocal, piano, bass, brass, strings, and mix bus offer differing parameters including Al’s signature use of reverb, compression, and EQ.

Very simply you can add Air, Body, and 3 variations of an Echo chamber to a Vocal, Sub Boost, Air Boost, and Multi-band compression to your Mix Bus and also Compression, Body, and Air to a Bass instrument.

You can read more, watch videos, and even download a free trial over at Leapwing.