Listen to Ruu.’s new single ‘WORTH’

Rising rapper Ruu. recounts his experiences growing up in South-West Sydney on stirring new single ‘WORTH’.  

Ruu. has today (April 11) released his new single ‘WORTH’. The track features the enrapturing vocals of Chelle Tamika, and sees the rising African-Australian hip hop artist explore themes of identity and belonging. 

Speaking of the song — which takes inspiration from Joey Bada$$ — in a press statement, the rapper said ‘WORTH’ is about “my experience growing up Black in South-West Sydney, being (and feeling like) the only Black person in my area.” 

Ruu. single 'WORTH'
Credit: Jay Patel

He added that the track traces his “experiences on Black culture and how it has been perceived and taken advantage of as I continue to live life.”

‘WORTH’ was produced by BeatsWithSheph, and brims with emotional instrumentation and the commanding power of Ruu.’s soulful vocals. 

‘WORTH’ marks Ruu.’s first release since ‘Black-Ish’, the rapper’s debut album which arrived in 2023.

Listen to Ruu.’s new single ‘WORTH’ above.