SACHI’s Sparking My Fire is an energetic, uplifting dancefloor anthem

Kiwi duo SACHI consistently harness unabashed, unfiltered, and undeniable energy in their music as they smash the boundaries between electro, pop, and house. 

Ahead of the release of their new EP, the pair have teamed up with Los Angeles songstress ROE to drop their newest single Sparking My Fire. It’s an uplifting, energetic dancefloor anthem that feels exactly like summertime.

Sparking My Fire, the latest from Kiwi duo SACHI is a lively dancefloor anthem built upon a foundation of buoyant house and electro grooves.

Auckland-based duo SACHI is made up of Will Thomas and Nick Crisp, who met in primary school and grew up playing in indie rock bands together throughout their teenage years. As they grew and their tastes developed, they both stumbled upon Ableton and started writing together with a shared love of energetic electronic music, and thus SACHI was born.

Since the release of their debut EP in 2016, the pair have accumulated over twenty-five million cumulative streams and a pair of gold singles in New Zealand; No More and Shelter. Their sound, a vibrant concoction of electronic dance music, house, and pop, could be likened to that of Aussie dance music aficionados Hayden James and Young Franco.

The pair are continuing to ignite a fresh flame for electronic music as they team up with ROE on their new track Sparking My Fire. The track layers ROE’s enticing vocals with a soulful house groove and dancefloor beat, woven together with a live choir, strings, and a horn section.

SACHI crafted a warm and wondrous sonic background that comes to life with ROE’s hypnotic verses, and together they build toward a shimmering climax with the buoyant refrain “light it up, you’re sparking my fire”.


Sparking My Fire is the lead single for Sachi’s upcoming EP, set to be released on the 27th of July.