Enjoy the brilliant debut EP of sibling duo A Little Loud

A Little Loud are a brother sister duo experimenting dream pop with a lightweight edge to blow you away with the breeze.

The sibling duo hail from the USA and their debut self titled EP creates a soft pop cloud of unreal melodies and dance beats.

Blending unique melodies and dreamy pop synths, A Little Loud are exploring their own world of pop in their debut self titled EP.

A Little Loud harken back to Owl City blending dreamy surreal lyrics with synth pop to create a vast, beautiful world to float through on pixel dreams. Their five track debut EP is highlighting by sibling harmonies and bouncing melodies.

The project is powered by 17-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Satchel Hirsch and his younger sister Shaine. The ensuing collection of music reflects their youth in a beautiful way as they craft shimmering pools of pop sounds to swirl around your feet and reflect their experience.

Tracks like A Beautiful Lie, Tomorrow and All Time, induce upbeat pop sing alongs and xylophone synth lines. The likes of Carly Rae Jepsen can be heard spread across the EP although the Hirsch siblings incorporate their own unique brand of melodies, heightening the pop trance to something you might hear dreaming through a marshmallow Sunday morning.

Closing track Stress Dial culminates all the influences and energies of the body of work into an explosive climax, as the sibling dare to push the sound a little further, crafting an even more personalised sound.

A Little Loud just hit the stage for the Made In Tahoe festival and will no doubt be bringing their dreamy pop world to foreign shores soon. Indulge in the sounds of A Little Loud.