Sada chats new single 'Fearless' and the beauty in being ourselves

Sada chats new single ‘Fearless’ and the beauty in being ourselves

Sada’s vocal control is off the charts, and her lyrics? Inspired, positive, and absolutely what the world needs to hear right now.

Sydney artist Sada’s music is food for the soul, singing beautifully about what really matters. Her single Fearless, alongside its humanising music video, caught our attention quick smart.

We caught up with her to learn more about her songwriting process and the inspirations behind the latest release. Let’s take a look.


HAPPY: Hey there Sada! Whereabouts do you find yourself today?

SADA: Hey hey! Emotionally, I find myself feeling really excited to dive deep into the budding opportunities of the independent music scene in Sydney and enjoy the resurgence of live music – as I’m low-key planning a December concert! Physically, I am on my couch crossed leg.

HAPPY: Massive congratulations on the release of Fearless! Tell us a bit about the track.

SADA: Thank you! I had some of the most amazing people contribute to this track, Simon Cohen on vocal production and Harry Sutherland with pre-production and keys, who added some golden ideas to the song as well. It began as a short one-minute song for a friend and then it naturally expanded into what it is today. I remember performing it live during an original show and my brother, who has his PhD in musicology, was in the audience and just put his thumbs up after I finished singing it, so I thought that’s gotta be a good sign, right?

HAPPY: The accompanying music video portrays stunning art sketches of people in your life, as their most raw and true self. Where did this concept come from?

SADA: They are very beautiful indeed, shout out to Kate Higgins for the artwork. It came from wanting to celebrate the different mediums of creativity (like sketch artists) but also, it was my vision of how to portray the message of the song. Highlighting the perfectly imperfect, sharing the stories of real people, with real fears but them choosing to be fearless. The way Kate and I workshopped the edits was purposeful, the idea of us all being blank canvases and her drawing these beautiful subjects, bringing them to life.

I also love that the subjects are from all around the world, Ashley is in Sydney, Gabrielle is in LA, and Glenn is in Zurich. Each with their own unique story, I’m very grateful for their excitement to be a part of the project. I had a realisation by the end of the project, which I can’t say I orchestrated myself, but the logo for Fearless turned out looking super retro, like the opening logo of a 1970s tv show, then the film clip ended up having super A-ha, Take On Me vibes, but I really really dig it! I guess it’s what happens when you work with incredible humans.

HAPPY: What are you hoping listeners can take away from your work?

SADA: I hope they know they deserve to be themselves, all the time, no matter what that looks like. Authenticity is really sexy and it’s always vogue. I also hope they know I’m going to be serving up some more songs so come along for the journey, there’s heaps of room for you!


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HAPPY: What is your process for pouring such emotional and heartfelt topics into lyrics?

SADA: This particular story was Glenn’s coming-out story, but I felt connected to his excitement of how he was moving forward with such love and dare I say, fearlessness. I felt excited too, like, why is this not on offer for all of us? We’re all dealing with our own fears, I know I am, so maybe the antidote is fearlessness within ourselves and compassion to others?

HAPPY: Do the lyrics come first for you or the tune?

SADA: Usually chords first, inspired by the story, then I write a page or two like a journal entry, then pluck out the lyrics from the pages.

HAPPY: Who are some sonic influences that inspired Fearless?

SADA: It was a mix between the original SWV Rain and Kanye’s Sunday Service Choir version of Rain. Then as the song developed I heard more influence from the likes of Gladys Knight and The Pips, where you really heard the fusion of late ’70s soul and R&B forming.


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HAPPY: How can we be our most authentic and free selves?

SADA: I’m still trying to figure that out too! Sometimes It’s so much easier to see the beauty in others before yourself, but what I’m learning slowly to do is to follow the beat of my own drum. But very much open for tips, so hit me up.

HAPPY: What can we expect from you in the future?

SADA: I’ve got some more singles, maybe one more before we finish 2021! As mentioned, a pending live show in December on a warm Sydney afternoon/evening. I’m sure this sentiment is echoed, but I’m also really looking forward to a fresh start in 2022. More live music and more life!

HAPPY: Thank you, Sada!

SADA: Thank you for having me!


Fearless is out now.