Safford release stunning new single ‘Cut your Hair’

Prepare to have this play on repeat, ‘Cut Your Hair’ is a dark and melodic beat of Australian indie pop at its best.

Sydney-based Safford has delivered an intimate, and honest retelling of discovering who you are in the oft-harrowing stages of young love. A perfect ode to the journey of figuring out who you are, and where you fit in and learning not to worry about the added expectations of others.

Featuring Sidonie Thomas, Bianca Cadalt, Finn Thomas, and Tate Lee, Safford has crafted a delicate mix of lush guitar scapes, melancholic vocals, punchy bass and drums. The harmonic arrangements are hauntingly and deceptively engaging, which beg for a repeat listen, hell… put this gorgeous little number on loop.

Safford is pushing their songcraft forward and isn’t shying away from getting personal, or keeping it intimate. It always pays to write what you know, and the band is doing just that, exploring themes of love, loss, and identity, they have captured the essence of bridging the personal experience with themes of universal by drawing on their own history.

‘Cut Your Hair’ is the first single to be released from Safford’s forthcoming debut EP. The song started off as a way for Finn to reach some kind of catharsis after the sudden end of a relationship. ‘Cut Your Hair’ looked at a specific encounter within the connection where Finn was told their hair looked better long, but as they looked back on their other relationships, they realised this sentiment had been shared consistently among their partners. The song took on a new meaning and became more of a reflection on the types of relationships Finn kept finding themselves in, as well as an exploration of the way their changing gender identity and presentation would impact those connections too. ‘Cut Your Hair’ is a song for anyone who has been told they need to stay the same in order to keep the people around them happy, and for anyone who has become themselves anyway, despite what people have said.

If ‘Cut Your Hair’ is any indication of the debut EP that is soon to be released, then it’s about as beautiful a sign as you can get of what’s to come.

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All photos by Sam Abbott.