Saint Rien faces his demons in vulnerably raw single ‘Why2’

Aussie, LA based singer/songwriter, Saint Rien, rips open a beating treasure chest glistening with the raw and hypnotic jewel, Why2. 

Cracking through the smoke and mirrors of a seemingly carefree life is Saint Rien, diving headfirst into his soundscape of demons.

Why2is an emotionally raw and sonically moving self portrait, the artist facing the demons that have dragged him away from his loved ones and into the shadows.

Saint Rien

Whilst the track oozes in a soulfully electronic melody, trickling with ease down the spine, it also grabs you with both hands and pulls you into a hauntingly dark corner of Saint Rien’s mind.

The artist wastes no breath in hitting hard from his first lyrics; “why can’t you look into my eyes when we fuck?/I try but I’m always terrified by the monsters”. 

We are immediately winded by the brutal honesty and rawness of Saint Rien, peeling back the layers of caution and delving into what love is like for people who experience anxiety.


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The electric guitar throughout the track thumps as an underlying vein that weaves in and out of Saint Rien’s raspy vocals.

Spinning in a hypnotic loop, it is clear that the artist is no stranger to pain.

Pouring through his relationship battles, substance abuse and anxiety struggles in Why2 pins the artist as a creative mind beyond his years.

From his experience as a songwriter for Storm the Sky, to locking himself in a friend’s studio for 6 months learning how to produce, Saint Rien is an infatuating force that cannot be shaken, not even by his own monsters.

The concept of self-sabotage, particularly in a relationship, is a challenge saturated in universality, making Saint Rien a sonic beacon similar to likings of Frank Ocean and (dare I say) David Bowie.

Deep dive into Saint Rien’s psyche with Why2: