‘Normal People’ author Sally Rooney is dropping her next novel in September

Get your tissue boxes at the ready, Normal People author Sally Rooney is releasing a new novel in 2021 and the synopsis is already breaking our hearts.

For those who wept for days (including myself!) at her painfully realistic portrait of modern love with Normal People, Sally Rooney will be releasing a new novel in September.

Entitled Beautiful World, Where Are You, the synopsis describes a story that’s become characteristic of Rooney’s style – a modern Irish love story that deals with the entanglement of love, sex, and friendship.

normal people
Photo: Hulu (‘Normal People’)

The novel is described as telling the tale of “Alice, Felix, Eileen and Simon [who] are still young – but life is catching up with them. They desire each other, they delude each other, they get together, they break apart.”


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Rooney stunned the literary scene with her debut novel Conversations with Friends. Following the incredible success of both the original novel and the subsequent TV adaptation of Normal People – her second novel – it was revealed that Conversations with Friends also be adapted for television by Hulu.

Having been anointed the honour of the “first great millennial novelist,” Sally Rooney’s work deals with poignant ideas of love, sex, and relationships in the formative years of modern adulthood, with all her fictional twentysomethings coming to terms with the concept of intimacy and “the ways in which [people] construct [each other].”