Blink182’s Tom DeLonge announces mind-bending sci-fi novel ‘Trinity’

“We took a whole lot of truth and encased it in a cool and rebellious story to help explain the enormity and complexity of the subject”

There are so many reasons why we love Tom DeLonge, not least for his introspective songwriting, cheeky demeanour, and dick jokes, but for his sci-fi leanings – of which we can not get enough of.

So its with great relish we share the news of  DeLonge’s latest creation – a mind-bending sci-fi novel titled “Trinity.”

tom delonge trinity

Teaming up once again with his creative partner, AJ Hartley, this dynamic duo is taking us on an exhilarating journey through the captivating realms of UFOs and nuclear testing sites, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Set to hit the shelves on June 11, “Trinity” is poised to be an extraordinary experience, seamlessly blending DeLonge’s fascination with extraterrestrial encounters into a gripping narrative set against the backdrop of a purported UFO event in 1962.

Published under his visionary To the Stars Media company and distributed by Simon & Schuster, this novel is destined to become a shining star in the vast galaxy of sci-fi literature.

Known for his insatiable curiosity about the unknown, DeLonge shares his enthusiasm for the project, saying, “This story takes place around a seminal UFO event that I believe happened. AJ and I wanted to capture a sense of what it was like to be in this pivotal moment in American culture in 1962.”

The story unfolds in Trinity, Nevada, a charming town on the desert’s edge, housing a military base dedicated to nuclear testing. Protagonist Van Lopez, along with his brother Andy, gets entangled in a web of mystery and danger when they spot peculiar lights in the sky.

As the nuclear blast reveals an otherworldly presence over Trinity, Van finds himself on the run, pursued by a Soviet agent and government forces eager to conceal the unearthly secrets he holds.

tom delonge trinity

DeLonge explains, “We took a whole lot of truth and encased it in a cool and rebellious story to help explain the enormity and complexity of the subject.”

The novel delves into the societal landscape of 1962, capturing the essence of the era with its iconic cars, the space race, and the winds of social change, all against the tumultuous backdrop of Vietnam and the Cold War.

The summary of “Trinity” promises a tale of suspense, romance, and unexpected alliances as Van battles for his life and unravels the enigma that has thrust him into the heart of a cosmic conspiracy. It’s a narrative that seamlessly weaves truth and fiction, inviting readers to explore the unknown alongside the characters.

Fans of DeLonge’s literary exploits will find familiar ground in “Trinity,” echoing the intrigue of his previous work with Hartley on the Sekret Machine series, both deeply rooted in the mysteries of UFO phenomena.


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Excitingly, the Sekret Machine series is in the process of being adapted into a TV show, offering even more thrilling adventures for those hungry for tales from the beyond.

So, set a reminder, fellow bookworms and UFO enthusiasts – “Trinity” is poised to spark imaginations and make an unforgettable mark on the literary landscape this summer.

Prepare to dive into a blend of truth and fiction that’s bound to transport you to a world that’s truly out of this world.