Exit Plan deliver shimmering indie-rock on latest EP ‘Impressions of You and I’

South Australian four-piece Exit Plan span classic rock and sunny psychedelia on new EP, Impressions of You and I 

Get swept up in the indie-rock grooves of Impressions of You and I, the eclectic recent EP from South Australian band Exit Plan.

A five-track collection of sunlit melodies, gritty rhythms and psychedelic flairs, the project stands as a masterclass in versatility, as the Murray Bridge four-piece try their hand at an array of sounds with great success. 

Exit Plan EP

The EP opens with the twinkly guitar melodies of Love letter to no one, a blissfully sparse ditty featuring chirping birdsong and the enrapturing vocals of Exit Plan vocalist Seth Clark.

The sunny simplicity to the tune — which at times features only shimmering piano keys and atmospheric synths — later transforms into something more impactful, as Clark sings alongside climactic percussion and backing harmonies so airy they might just touch the heavens.

Love letter adopts a punchier energy in its latter half, as the production crescendos in tandem with a huskier vocal range and ascendant final chorus.


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Exit Plan foray into grittier corners of their sound on Long sleeve, a psych-rock cut carried by heavy basslines, whispered vocal delivery and noisy instrumentation. It’s a welcome slice of classic rock, but the band aren’t content on any one particular sound. 

Violent Sleep delivers that EP’s grooviest entry yet, complete with shimmering tambourines and mentions of the world burning and restless insomnia, while Sellout recalls the leisurely surf rock of New Zealand band Mako Road.

The latter track coasts by with the same cadence as a summertime reverie, even as the band sing of their fear of selling out. 

Exit Plan’s efforts culminate on final track All Gone, a dynamic closer that distils their various influences into a shimmering slice of quintessential indie-rock.

The tracks on Impressions of You and I will no-doubt appear on the setlist of Exit Plan’s upcoming performance at Chilled Out ‘n’ Fired Up Festival, where they’ll take to the stage alongside headliners Beddy Rays and The Bouys, among others. 

In the meantime, check out Exit Plan’s latest EP Impressions of You and I below.