Salvador Dalí has been brought back to life with artificial intelligence

When Salvador Dalí famously said, “When I die, I won’t completely die”, we’re not exactly sure he realised that might literally be the case.

Salvador Dali alive
Photo: Roger Higgins

Almost as though its straight from a sci-fi movie, artificial intelligence has brought Salvador Dalí back to life through hologram technology.

The Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg has just released a spooky trailer bringing the famous artist back to life. Dalí will truly come back “in person” in April, when a hologram of his likeness will be projected onto an actor in the Salvador Dalí Museum. This likeness has been constructed through a complex algorithm that has analysed his image, mannerisms, and speech through thousands of recordings and videos taken throughout his life.

Without knowing otherwise, the replication in the video is so realistic the viewer could easily assume it’s a snippet from an old interview with Dalí. Are you fooled?

Perhaps the eeriest part of the whole thing is the fact Dalí never believed in his own death, once stating, “I believe in general death but not the death of Dalí absolutely not. I believe in my death becoming almost impossible”. Maybe he was right.

Currently it isn’t possible to have a back and forth conversation with the new Dalí so we can’t quite ask him the important questions just yet, but perhaps that will follow in the near future. Let’s just hope it doesn’t go wildly off course

Via Open Culture.