Sam Joole has shared two huge new tracks from his upcoming album Cyclone

With two new singles from his fourth studio album Cyclones, Sam Joole delves into rap, glitch and groove with captivating charmCrazy dubbed outlines and catchy hooks collide for a wonderfully enticing musical explosion.

Sam Joole has crafted a sound of his own on Cyclones: the new album set to be launched alongside an amazing interactive experience at 107 Projects in April.

The singer, writer, and artist has released three solo albums among other side projects, exploring a broad palette of expressions, never getting bogged down in one genre or sound.

Queen Of The World is a sultry, rap groove with a whole lot of bounce and attitude. Elements of reggae and hip-hop are all mashed up with a punchy female rap and a twist of heartbreaking lyricism. Joole’s voice melts like honey on the ears with hooks like “your just as bad as me/ just as sad as me”. As the song evolves he continues to describe a talented, narcissistic, artistic queen and his love and parallels to her destructive mental tendencies.

Friendzone, the second single from Cyclones, is a seriously infectious number with a whole lot of juice. It’s something that should be on anyone’s pump-up playlist, and with a zest of old and new, it’s certainly gonna be staying there after one dance.

To top it off, Joole is draping the whole thing in a unique blanket of artistry, launching Cyclones at 107 Projects from April 10th (opening night) – 19th.

I want to reimagine the concept of an album launch,” he says of the event.

“The audience can expect to watch live shows, participate in yoga, play with real-time music production tools, watch films backed by a live band, enjoy audio and visuals and discover intricate aspects of the creative process.”

The event will also showcase some of Sam’s previous work, films, pictures and future works in progress. To experience this fluid confluence of music, art and entertainment, head down to 107 Projects in Redfern from the 10th to the 19th April. More info here.