Sam Rockwell dances his ass off in new Flight Facilities video

Aussie dance duo Flight Facilities have just dropped the video to their latest single Down to Earth featuring none other than American actor Sam Rockwell. Rockwell is best known for a wide array of film roles, including Moon, Seven Psychopaths and Confessions of a Dangerous mind, and now can add dancing in a diner to his impressive list of on screen feats.

Sam Rockwell

The video for Down to Earth, the title track of FLight Facilities’ recent debut album was choreographed by Vincent Paterson. Paterson has been working in the business since 1979 and has previously worked with Madonna and choreographed the dance sequences in Lars Von Triers’ Bjork starring film Dancer in the Dark.

Seeing as the Flight Facilities boys tend to shy away from the camera Rockwell was more than happy to take up the task. “I really, really liked the song, and it was an honour to work with legendary choreographer Vincent Paterson,” said Rockwell. “I’m the kinda guy that likes to shake my tail feather, and so it was a great opportunity to get some new moves, especially to such a sweet beat”.