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We headed to Samsung’s 2023 TV lineup unveiling — here’s what we loved

Coach potatoes, rejoice! Happy Mag flocked to Samsung’s AV Local Launch event this week for the unveiling of their 2023 TV lineup. From pristine pictures for the ultimate gamer to low-light sets for studio musicians, check out caught our eye below. 

This week, Samsung Electronics unveiled its 2023 lineup of premium TVs. Naturally, given our collective screentime, Happy Mag was first on the scene for the Samsung AV Local Launch event, with tote bags (or in this case trolleys) in tow. Headlining the range was a new batch of Samsung OLED TVs and the Neo QLED 8K. For those unfamiliar with tech-talk, the new range boasts vivid picture, dynamic audio and seamless connectivity. 

While the Neo 8K is undoubtedly useful for a picture-perfect couch surfing session, Samsung’s additional range of Lifestyle TVs and Projectors is what particularly pricked our ears. Focussed on enhancing the passions of couch potatoes Australia-wide, the suite of lifestyle options is particularly handy for gamers and musicians, providing the quality for an immersive round of Mortal Kombat or personalised to suit a dimly-lit music studio

Samsung 2023 TV lineup

This level of personalisation was essential to Samsung’s 2023 lineup, which grants easier access to Smart TV apps and streaming services — making it simpler to “Netflix and chill” than ever before. Elsewhere, the new streamlined range allows for faster, more compatible connections with your smart home devices, so Alexa and Google won’t be so jealous that you’re spending all day with Samsung instead of them. 

Samsung took particular interest in catering to diverse lifestyles, with frames suitable for everything from arty apartments to cinema rooms and gaming basements. To ensure suitability for every type of binge-watcher, Samsung offers TVs for outdoor entertainment, as well as artistic standby modes, and rotating wall mount accessories to further personalise your home. 

Samsung 2023 TV lineup

If we’ve learned one thing from the eleven-hundredth season of The Block, it’s that TV screens don’t have to be the centrepoint of a room, which is why The Frame and The Serif — with their sleek and seamless designs — were among our favourite picks in the Samsung range. With so many great games to play and ample music to create, Samsung have heralded what is — in large part thanks to them — the Golden Age of television. Head here for more information on Samsung’s 2023 AV range, and take an extra look at just how pristine the new TVs are below. 

Samsung 2023 TV lineup