Saulé reveals the process of translating her emotions into melodies

Indie home-body, Saulé, delves into the process behind her infatuating tunes and the artists that inspire her sound.

Canberra-based artist, Saulé reveals the cathartic relief music provides in navigating her emotional turmoils.

Coming from the release of single When We First Went Out, Saulé establishes herself as an artist who overflows in honesty and rawness – a rare and infatuating trait.


HAPPY: Hey Saulé! thanks for your time! What do you find yourself doing at the moment?

SAULÉ: I’m having a coffee, about to start working from home.

HAPPY: What made you land on the name Saulé? How did this project kick off?

SAULÉ: It was a lot of googling to be honest. I didn’t want to go by my own name as I’m a pretty shy person, so I needed a blanket of comfort, a kind of disguise to remove myself a bit from my music. The project kicked off in March 2020, when COVID was rampant in Australia. I was spending a lot of time at home working and found I had so much more time after work to spend on creative pursuits.

HAPPY: Congrats on the release of When We First Went Out! Tell us a bit about the track…

SAULÉ: Thank you! This track is a rare one for me, sonically speaking. It’s summery and a bit boppy, and it’s a soft narrative about those very first feelings you have when you’re falling for someone. I usually write quite somber tunes.


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HAPPY:What does your songwriting process typically look like?

SAULÉ: Lazy. I tend to write as a way to sort through my own emotional turmoil, so it’s when the feeling hits and I decide I want to vocalise it. Because I work a 9-5 typical desk job, I will come up with quick melodies or lyrics on the bus and test them out in the bathroom at work. I’ll then work those out on the guitar at home, try and figure out a chord progression that fits.

HAPPY: Did growing up in London influence your sound at all?

SAULÉ: I was born in London, and lived there till I was five, so it didn’t influence me all too much. I moved around as a child, doing my primary school education in Singapore and then later, Australia—but I’d say my Dad’s taste in music was a big influence. Listened to a lot of Chicago, The Beatles, Kate Bush and Norah Jones.


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HAPPY: Who would be your dream collaborator?

SAULÉ: There’s too many! But I’d say Joy Crookes or E^ST.

HAPPY: Who/what songs have you been listening to at the moment?

SAULÉ: I’ve been listening to albums on repeat at the moment. So right now, I’ve been listening to Ayoni and her album Iridescent and Donna Missal’s new album, Lighter.

HAPPY: What can we expect for the future of Saulé?

SAULÉ: Some more love songs, because why not. And a lot more sad ones. I’m putting together a little body of work, so keep an ear to the ground for that!

HAPPY: Cheers Saulé!